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How to upload an externally stored program into the CUI32?

Can someone advise me how to upload a program written and stored (as a text file) on the PC harddrive into the CUI32? I use HyperTerm via the USB connection and cannot work out how to get it from the harddrive to the CUI32. It seems that 'saving' a program just puts it into flash memory, but if the device needs to be 're-programmed', then the saved program(s) are lost, resulting in having to type it/them all again or .......??? . Thanks.

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Oops! Forgot to mention I'm using StickOS v1.92c

Hi Steve,

Just copy / paste the text into HyperTerm once you're connected to the board.  You can store multiple programs all in the file system on the board, but I've found it's too limited (you quickly run out of space).  See section 4.2.5 of the StickOS users guide for more information:



Great - thanks Dan

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